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Thread: FAQs & Guides: Above-ground pools

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    Default FAQs & Guides: Above-ground pools


    FAQs & Guides: Above-ground pools


    Hey Mods, Any chance of getting together a FAQ sticky for this forum? It would sure be helpful. I would be happy to work on it, pulling the best questions and matching with the best threads that answer that question. If done correctly, it would save us all a lot of time. In going back over the the last thirty or forty pages of information here, so much has been given in the way of advice. Really good discussions and helpful tips. This is truly a great place to find useful help.



    EDIT by Watermom:

    Dennis approached us with this idea and we all thought it was a great suggestion. Below is the Above Ground Pool FAQ list he put together. We really appreciate all the time he spent going throught old posts in the AG forum compiling the best threads and grouping them into categories. Also, a thanks to 'gonefishin' for his help with formatting the final list. Having all this information within one thread will be invaluable to a lot of AG pool owners. Many thanks!!



    Accessories- Lights, ladders, steps and cleaners

    Dark Buster Light
    Automatic cleaner advice
    A good discussion about automatic cleaners
    Robo Kleen cleaners
    AquaBot Pool Rover
    Holding down wedding cake steps
    more about weighing down steps
    another weight discussion

    Base and cove - Sand, concrete, foam and preformed pool

    Happy bottom and preformed pool cove
    Styrofoam or sand
    Do we need Happy Bottom?
    Coving and wall foam
    Preformed pool cove
    Plastic before the sand cove

    Consumer report - check here before you buy

    Buying an above ground pool
    Doughboy or Esther Williams
    Steel - Aluminum - Resin ?
    Walls - Aluminum, galvanized or copper?

    Filtration - Size, type and trouble shooting

    How long to backwash?
    Advice for buying a new pump
    Hard plumbing
    Air in a sand filter
    What size pump and filter?
    When to change the filter sand?
    Cartridge or sand, a good discussion
    Backwashing a sand filter

    General pool advice

    Draining a pool
    Just an example of the wisdom that can be found here
    Water loss from evaporation

    Heating - Everything related to keeping your pool a little warmer

    Solar Panels
    Good advice about solar panels
    More solar panel info
    Solar covers
    Solar panel troubleshooting

    Installation - Tips and advice

    Photos - Oval pool installation
    Blocks, leveling and oval pools
    The ongoing question, blocks or no blocks?
    All of us installing an oval pool
    Installing a center drain
    Question about leveling
    Leveling the ground
    Building a pool with our help, good things to be learned here
    Is deeper better?

    Liners - Where to buy them and how to install them

    Temperature and liner installation
    Where to buy a liner
    Installation pics and advice
    Matt4x4 tips and advice for installing a liner
    More places to buy liners
    Another installation method that works well for deep ends
    Some pics of what you don't want and how to fix
    A few thoughts before you order your liner

    Metal Frames and easy set pools

    Easy set pros and cons
    Intex frame pool
    More good reading about portable pools

    Repairs - Liners, walls and other stuff

    Repair small hole in wall
    Sometimes it's just this simple
    Finding holes in a liner
    Finding a hole and patching
    Termites and liners
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