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Thread: Salt Generator Question

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    I have an AquaRite Electronic Chlorine Generator. Opened pool yesterday and already had 3100 PPM of salt in pool. Power light is on fine for generator but noticed today the "Generating" light is not lit and has not been lit. If I switch to super chlorinate it lights up by not during normal operation. Is this a concern or is there something I should do? Like I said pool was just opened - company that came out shocked I believe and temp is 57 on water

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    You should check your manual, but I'd guess 57 degrees is at the low end of the operational range. Two things kill SWCG units: operating hours AND operating at low temps.

    It's possible that your unit is saving your a## by not letting the unit run, unless you force it by "super-chlorinating". But I don't know for sure.

    Regardless, below 70 degrees water temp, you'd be better off chlorinating manually.

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