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Thread: Suggestions on plumbing size

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    Default Suggestions on plumbing size

    Looking for some suggestions on pipe size for my new pool (20x40, 25,000gal, 2 skimmers, 4 returns, jr slide, 4 deck jets)(ecostar pump, c4030 filter, h250 heater). The pad is going to be pretty much level with the pool. Farthest skimmer is 60ft away from pad.

    My plan at the moment is to run 2" line from both skimmers to the pad then tee into 3" and to the pump. The whole pad will be done in 2". All returns will be 2", slide 1.5", and deck jets 1".

    Maybe im over thinking this but im wondering if i should do 3" from both skimmers to the pump and do the pad all in 2.5". I guess im wondering if that would be just over kill and wasting money??

    Any input would be great, Thanks in advance!!!

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    Default Re: Suggestions on plumbing size

    Darn. I wrote a more comprehensive answer, but somehow lost it.

    Here are my recommendations for your consideration:
    • C7030 filter instead of C4030 (70 GPM instead of 40 GPM)
    • Hayward SP2603VSP (70 GPM) instead of Ecostar (160 GPM)
    • Individual 2" (or 1.5") lines to EACH skimmer AND a main drain
    • Quality ball valves on EACH line
    • Hx50 series heaters are fine.

    Dunno why you want 4 returns, or what the deck jets are for. Keep in mind that normal circulation rates (pump turned down) will be 15 - 25 gpm. Would put returns on (1) 2" line for each 2 returns. Be SURE to bed all lines in stable, non-abrasive gravel. Around here that means 1/2" crushed limestone or river gravel. Do NOT use sand (can wash away) or sharp gravel.

    If you have intermittent 'features' (deck jets?), a separate pump makes control easier AND means the pool doesn't go down when motorized valves or controls go down.

    VS pumps AND the controls on the heater are electronic, so you need this:

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