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Thread: pool/landscape suggestions

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    Default pool/landscape suggestions


    We are considering getting an inground pool installed (we are in MA)- have figured out size and generally what we are looking for in a pool and have a PB that comes highly recommended from at least a dozen people. But we are getting stuck on where to place it in our yard, considering fencing options, decking, landscaping etc. Just want to make sure what we end up with wont look wonky and decrease the value of our property. Do people usually get suggestions from the PB? if not, who do we go to? Neither my husband nor I have a great eye for these things. We found this site and hoping for some suggestions.


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    Default Re: pool/landscape suggestions

    Sorry, hardly anyone is posting here now. And in any case, the useful advice here is mostly about chemistry or GENERAL (not specific) pool equipment or construction questions.

    Specific local questions generally can only be well answered locally. But you might try TroubleFreePool; I'm not sure about their current traffic, but that forum has a LOT of people who like to share their opinions.

    Good luck!


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    Speaking as a retired Landscape Architect, I would of course suggest hiring one. It does not have to be real expensive if you just want a general plan, without detailed plans and specifications.

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