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Thread: First post as instructed

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    Default First post as instructed

    New pool a long time coming. Long story short pool builder said he has "built a ton of pools" in the city where I live. Nonetheless, he has run afoul of city inspectors again and again. Has just dug up behind the pool, and wrecked our irrigation system after we finally got it back in operation after four months, because he had not had a particular inspection done earlier. Started this trip in mid May. Pool filled first of October. Some equipment not connected correctly, and heater still not connected. We're in Katy, Texas (west of Houston).

    I found this forum as an alternative to another one that seems to be managed by closed-minded know-it-alls. However, I did buy their test kit, which seems to be quite comprehensive and useful, at least for the first few times I've used it.

    I can't add a signature yet, so here are the pool specs if pertinent.

    Approx. 39x18 freeform plus spa gunite and plaster inground. 3.5 to 6ft deep. Pentair Intelliflo vsf filter pump and cartridge filter, booster pumps for cleaner and water features, Paramount O3, UV, also 3" inline chlorinator, Pentair heater. 13,500 gallons according to pool builder, but I'm not sure about that since a final computer rendering has still not been done.

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    Default Re: First post as instructed


    I think that "other forum" would tell you that this forum was run by the 'original close-minded know-it-all'. ;-)

    Be that as it may, there's not too much I can help you with except to suggest you get ahead of this as quickly as possible. If you haven't talked to a lawyer, do so ASAP. The unfortunate fact is, your story is all too common. There are medium high-end pools -- like yours -- continuously being build in MY area by shyster builders. They get the contracts because they are 15 - 40% cheaper than the decent builders. Worse, some of the 'decent' builders aren't so good any more, now that the 2nd or 3rd generations are running the companies.

    There's no happy ending to this story. Based on what you've told me, there's a near certainty that there are other major defects in your pool that you have not yet discovered. And, most likely, this builder is going to be bankrupt soon enough. One of the guys of this sort in my area has been through 4 or 5 bankruptcies and company name changes over the past 15 years. For him, it goes like this (names changed to protect the guilty, and my legal a##):
    => 2003 - John Henry Pools, LLC => bankrupt in 2008
    => 2008 - John Handy Pools, LLC => bankrupt in 2011
    => 2011 - John's Handy Swimming Pools, LLC => bankrupt in 2013
    => 2012 - Henry's Pools, LLC => bankrupt in 2015
    => 2015 - John Henry Swimming Pools, LLC => bankrupt in ?
    In order to recover any losses, you MUST be first, or nearly first, in line before he bellies up and starts a new operation.

    Also, if you can recover anything, get him to take back the ozone and UV. On outdoor pools, the SOLE useful function of those units is to increase builder profits.

    The explanations are long, complicated, and make most people roll their eyes . . . so I won't bother. If you want to dig in, there's 15 page thread in the "China Shop" with some one determined to prove that their ozone unit WAS useful . . . but they could not.

    UV units can serve a useful function on INDOOR, COMMERCIAL pools. But outdoors, in Katy, TX? The total amount of UV you get from the sun is almost certainly greater than the total delivered output of the unit they are selling you.

    Regarding the forum . . . it is not very active, and I don't think I'm going to encourage that to change. Contrary to what I posted (and intended) at the first of this season, I think I'm going to move toward improving it as a mostly static repository of information.

    There's just not any new information about pool chemistry . . . at least not any I'm willing to share at this time.

    And with computerization of pool equipment, it's simply not practical -- and certainly not profitable -- for anyone to be 'expert' in any of it. When the functions can all change with an annual replacement of software, nobody ever becomes really knowledgeable.

    So, you're welcome to use what's here, but don't expect lots more.

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    Default Re: First post as instructed

    The forum is currently only minimally active. Your best bet, if you still need info is to use the Super Search page, to create special search links will allow you to search PoolForum. A phrase like "[]" may produce answers you're looking for.

    Upgraded membership and moved thread to the Pool Construction section. You may need to log out and back in to see everything.

    PS.You can search use Google to search multiple pool sites, using Google's 'advanced search operators" to limit your search to specific sites. This page of mine will create the search links for you. Google knows my site -- and all the others -- much better than those sites internal search functions! And, if you need to post pictures -- of your pool, filter, pump, piping, what-not -- there are instructions on this page

    Please note: the Super Search page does NOT search directly; it only CREATES special Google links, that enable a FOCUSED Google search!

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