Hi All,

New to the forum. Tried searching but looks like I need to make a post first.

We put in a new 27' above ground this spring, the same local company that did a great job putting in a friends. We decided to go with the same SimpleSalt setup. http://mysimplesalt.com/

Everything has been great, very little maintenance, shock once a week with the Shimmer, and Vivid every other week.

I'm having trouble finding the Shimmer and Vivid online. We are about an 1:10 to the pool place, and I'd love to order it online and have it shipped.

I assume this is the same system rebranded multiple times, but I can't seem to find what I need, hoping someone can help out!

Shimmers contents are -
Calcium hypochlorite 47.6% Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate 20.0% Other ingredients 32.4% . Usage 1lb bag for every 10,000 gallons, every week. (I use 2)

VIVID is a concentrated Natural Enzyme Clarifier, 1/2 pint every week.

Both of these are packaged by Haviland Consumer Products Inc.

Appreciate it!