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Thread: Chlorine orange; pH high

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    Default Chlorine orange; pH high

    I have tried everything. My pool water is clear but it looks green and cloudy. I shocked it, added sodium bromide to reduce PH. I emptied the pool once this yr for the same reason. Help what am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Ph high and Clorine orange ( after testing)

    1. Assuming you are testing with OTO (yellow drops), an ORANGE result means your chlorine is > 10 ppm. It also means your pH reading is bogus. (High chlorine screws up phenol red)

    2. Did you really add sodium bromide? That's not generally available as a generic chemical. Where did you buy it? What did it look like? What was it called on the box?

    3. What are you doing wrong? I don't have enough info to know:
    + What kind of pool do you have? How much water does it hold?
    + What test kit are you using? What is your stabilizer level?
    + What kind of filter and pump do you have?
    + What chemicals are you using NOW? What chemicals have you added in the last 2 weeks?

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