SWCG vs SWG -- those electrodes generate CHLORINE, not salt!


Words matter . . . and so do abbreviations!

Swimming pool owners all over the world have unnecessary problems because they think they got an SWG (salt water generator) and don't realize that what they ACTUALLY got was a SWCG (salt water CHLORINE generator).

The origins of this confusion go back to the 90's, when some SWCG manufacturers and retailers DELIBERATELY misrepresented their products as "natural" and "chlorine free", when they were neither. Eventually, someone sued and they quit . . . saying those things in PRINT.

From what I can tell, they have never stopped saying them in person. And SWCG sales literature, even today, plays down the fact that installing an SWCG makes a pool owner into a CHLORINE MANUFACTURER, at least on a small scale.

So . . . both because it's honest, and because it helps pool owners avoid problems if they know the truth . . .

use SWCG and not SWG!

Salt systems generate CHLORINE, and not more SALT!