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Thread: How to Use the PoolForum effectively

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    Default How to Use the PoolForum effectively


    How to Use the PoolForum Effectively

    1. Many questions people ask here have ALREADY been asked AND answered. Use my Super Search page to find those answers.
    Finding an existing answer, is always faster than waiting for a new response. With the SuperSearch page, you can search not only PoolForum, but several OTHER pool discussion sites, AND a number of the major pool manufacturer sites.

    I wish I'd created this years ago. It works very, very well, and would have saved me a great deal of time over the years. If you use it, I think you'll find it very helpful as well.
    2. Look for the FAQ / Guide posts at the top of each forum section.
    I'm in the process of updating the forum in a number of ways. Many of the sections have a FAQs & Guide post at the top, that lists key posts, answers, and guides. Check it out FIRST.
    3. When you DO ask a question, if you want a useful answer, include some basic information!
    For chemistry questions, include: test results, what chemicals you've used, what sort of pool you have, pool dimensions, and what type of filter.


    There are some rules: PoolForum Acceptable Use Policy.
    For home users, they amount to: be polite and don't promote stuff. For commercial or pool biz users . . . well, you'd better read them.
    For equipment or repair questions, include: manufacture and model number, pool type & dimensions, and a description of the problem. PLUS it will almost always help if you include pictures. This post explains how: http://pool9.net/postpix .
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