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Thread: Long time reader, first time poster

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    Default Long time reader, first time poster

    I've been lurking and reading for about two weeks now and my pool arrives tomorrow, so it's time to actually set up an account!

    Happy to be here

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    Default Re: Long time reader, first time poster

    Highly, highly recommend setting it up ASAP . . . assuming that the seller accepts full refund returns in 30 days for defects.

    Even Intex pools probably average a 10% defect rate, but depending on whom you purchased from, you can return it 100% if you are fast. Do NOT use the manufacturer warranty, if you still have a seller return period: return + exchange has many fewer gotchas then mfg warranties.

    Manufacturers will tell you, "Return to US, not the seller", but that's because it costs them so much more when you return to the seller, and not because there's ANY benefit to you.

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