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Thread: Bought house with pool and old stains.

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    Talking Bought house with pool and old stains.

    Just purchased a newer home, with a pool. Pool is 40k gallons, SWCG, vinyl, and so on.
    Like most pool noobs, I was OCD about perfect pool chemistry and spent more money at pool stores than should be allowed by law.
    Didn't take long for me to realize most of the $h!t they sell in pool stores is nothing (mostly) but smoke and mirrors.
    Did extensive research on the BBB method. Genius!
    Now, I'm trying to keep my OCD in check by researching how to remove rust spots from the deep end of my pool.
    There are 6 of them and each have a name (usually starting with my favorite 4-letter word).

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    Fixing stains is a doubtful activity.

    I've been successfully locally, but much less successful over the Internet. The problem is, stain removal is not an event, as a rule, it's a complex and continuing process.

    Worse, there are 1,000 variations. For example, it's possible for rust stains to bleed through a liner. If that's what's happening there's no fix without replacing the liner AND removing the rust source under the liner!

    Or, it could be something simple like stains from dropped paper clips (Yep, that's a real life example!) Again, the stains can penetrate into the liner.

    Or, you could be misjudging the colors: maybe it's not RUST stains, but fungal bleed through from underneath (usually, more black or gray than orange).

    Or, . . . something else.

    Why can I succeed locally, and yet not be able to help people over the internet? Because fixing stains takes patience, persistence and know-how. I've got the know-how, and it's easier to be "patient and persistent" when someone is PAYING you to pretend you have those qualities!

    So, you gotta choose:
    + Do you wanna put a lid on the OCD, and live with the stains? OR,
    + Do you wanna buckle down, read through all the stickies, figure out how to take good pictures and then post them, do the testing and sampling needed and THEN discover whether your problem CAN be solved, without a new liner?

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