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Thread: New pool owner

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    Default New pool owner

    What test kit do I order? How do I determine gallon size of pool? After I get kit how do I know how much BBB to add?

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    Default Re: New pool owner

    1. K2006 -- link in my signature.

    2. Best way? Manufacturer literature for above-ground or fiberglass pools.

    Usually, AG pool mfgs give you the OVERFLOW volume, so you'll need to 'derate' using a fraction of ACTUAL WATER INCHES / OVERFLOW INCHES. For example with a 48 AG pool, usually actual inches will be around 42", so the calculation looks like this:

    15' round pool, 48" at rim => 5,250 gallons nominal. 42/48 x 5,250 = 4,590 ACTUAL gallons.

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