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Thread: Just Moved In - And cloudy already!

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    Default Just Moved In - And cloudy already!

    Hi Everyone ....

    Just moved into my new house Saturday and Sunday (took 2 days). I don't know much yet about my pool and came here on an emergency basis, so just getting started. The previous owner's gave me virtually no information as they had someone they hired who came to the house and did all the pool care.. As a result I was left with nothing as far as instructions, chemicals, or test kit. The pool keeper is meeting me tonight for an $85 tutorial (and wants to sell me his chemicals which I'm not interested in). Unfortunately the pool had no chemicals added for 2 days and by Monday was cloudy. I went out last night and bought 2 lbs of calcium hypochorite and added it directly to the pool.

    So I know little details about my pool yet. Inground. The pool keeper thinks it is somewhere around 26,000 gallon. I've been reading and have ordered the k-2006 test kit from Amazon. Very interested in the BBB Method. More to follow ......

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    Default Re: Just Moved In - And cloudy already!

    26,000 gallons?

    Unless your pool is unpainted concrete, don't add cal hypo directly: it will bleach liners and fiberglass colors. Until you get the K2006, bleach is the safe choice with the fewest other effects.

    If your pool is still cloudy:
    + run your filter 24/7 (you may have a timer on the pump)
    + add 5 gallons of PLAIN 8% bleach EVERY evening.
    + buy a cheap OTO/phenol red drops test kit, and test your pool. If the chlorine reaches the orange-tinted yellow range, skip a dose.
    + test your pH BEFORE adding chlorine. If it's below 7, add a box of 20 Mule Team borax slowly to the skimmer while the pump is on. If your pool is above 8, add 1/2 gallon of muriatic acid AFTER reading the muriatic acid guide: http://pool9.net/ma/ . If the pH is between 7 and 8, don't worry about it yet.

    If the pool has cleared up,
    + add 2 gallons of bleach each evening
    + if the chlorine reaches the VERY dark yellow level, skip a dose.
    + adjust pH as above.

    Be sure to watch the videos for the testkit, before you use it: http://pool9.net/tk-guide/ Don't pay any attention to the booklet and 'wheel'. Once have test results post them.

    Meanwhile survey your pool equipment and fill out the form so we can see what you have: http://pf-equip-form/

    . . . membership updated.

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