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Thread: Swimming Pool Chemical Buying Guide

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    Default Swimming Pool Chemical Buying Guide

    [ PoolDoc note: this thread is still being edited. ]

    OK. It's been great being able to use Walmart and Amazon to send people to exactly what they need, instead of having to say, "look for this gooble-de-good chemical name" like we did in years past. But the stock available on Amazon is a moving target, which means links I've posted go bad. So, I'm going to develop this page as the 'master guide' to pool chemicals you need . . . and then try to keep it current.

    Chlorinating chemicals
    • bleach
    • cal hypo
    • cal hypo pellets
    • dichlor
    • trichlor

    pH control
    • muriatic acid
    • sodium bisulfate

    • borax
    • soda ash

    Alkalinity & calcium
    • baking soda
    • calcium chloride

    Stabilizer (cyanuric acid)
    • cyanuric acid
    • 50% liquid cyanuric acid (sodum cyanurate)
    • dichlor

    • polyquat 60
    • copper algaecide

    Metal stains
    Phosphate control
    • Clorox phosphate remover
    • Orenda PR-10000

    • borax
    • boric acid

    Mystery Goo Makers
    Certain chemical companies, such as Robelle, go to great lengths to hide the ingredients in their products. Other companies, such as Natural Chemistry, have product lines in which they mingle inferior products, such as citric acid for stain treatment, with possibly useful ones, such as their enzymes. Still others are sort of 1-trick wonders, like United Chemicals (bromine) or Coral Seas (ammonia), with tricks you may not like. And finally, there are companies like BioLab / BioGuard / AquaChem / PoolTime who play a sort of 'hide-the-pea' hustler's game, with an everchanging line of product brands, names, and blends, so that even I can never tell what's in one of their containers without specifically investigating their current packaging practices.

    So, the lists below are designed to help you be as cautions as you need to be.

    Lines To Avoid Almost Always:

    Lines to Avoid Unless You CAREFULLY Checked Out a Specific Product.
    Less Risky Brands

    Not yet categorized
    • Jacks Magic
    • Robarb
    • SeaKlear
    • InTheSwim
    • Leslies
    • Pool Mate
    • Aqua Silk
    • Pool Basics
    • DryTec
    • Nava
    • Pool Brand
    • Leisure Time
    • Pristine Blue
    • Dohenys
    • E-Z Pool
    • Ultima
    • Pool Frog
    • Mcgrayel
    • Baquacil
    • Naturally Free
    • Revive!
    • Blue Wave
    • Nature2
    • Swimmers Choice
    • RX Clear
    • PoolGuy
    • Arm & Hammer
    • AquaPill
    • Aura
    • PoolRx
    • Brilliance
    • Zodiac Spa Cleanse
    • Angry Egg
    • Proteam
    • CuLator
    • Lo-Chlor
    • Ahh-Some
    • GreenCleanMax
    • AquaFinesse
    • Algaedyn
    • Camco
    • Regal
    • Earth Science Labs
    • NuClo
    • B00ECHQL5A
    • B00ECHQINK Pool Pals
    • Rendezvous Ph Magic
    • Pool Prescriptions Concentrated
    • Auraco 92607 Pool Guard Concentrate
    • Spa Science 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Eclipse 3 - 2 lb. Bucket
    • Orb-3 U722-000-1G Dropout Jug
    • Qualco Coastal Algaecide Concentrate
    • Clear Result Swimming Pool & Spa Bromine

    Risky Product CATEGORIES -- Know BEFORE You Buy!
    • Copper algaecides.
    • Enzymes
    • Metal or Stain Products
    • Salt treatment additives

    Product CATEGORIES You Should Generally Avoid, Regardless of Brand.
    • 'Mineral' additives or treatments
    • Defoamers
    • Enzymes
    • Non-polyquat, non-copper algaecides. (They don't really work!)
    • Salt enhancers

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