We've been over this at least a dozen times in the forum. While some of your statements, like "There is also evidence that chlorine-resistant bacteria and parasites are killed by O3 and UV systems" are true theoretically, they are not true practically with respect to any system you are likely to install on your pool. (Well, unless you are willing to spend several $100,000's for a German DIN-standard ozone system, plus several $100,000's MORE, per YEAR, for a team of German system operators living on site.)

I'm not wasting my time analyzing the specific details of the expensive junk you've been sold, just to prove, all over again, that the systems actually sold are useless or worse. And, I'm not going to allow you to waste other people's time, misleading them as you attempt to justify your purchase decision. I've tried to be nice about such stuff in the past, but it doesn't work.

If you want to convince yourself that you haven't been snookered, feel free to do so in the privacy of your own home!

But, I'm not going to allow it here. Please go argue your point elsewhere.