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Thread: Maintenance and Cleaning Tools for Soft-side (Intex-type) pools

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    Default Maintenance and Cleaning Tools for Soft-side (Intex-type) pools

    Here's a quick list of cleaning and maintenance tools many have found helpful; feel free to add to this thread items that have worked well for you.

    Remember testkit and chemical info is on the Super Simple recipe page.

    __________________________________________________ ______

    The problem is, most folks with Intex type pools do not have an effective vacuum system, and Intex doesn't really have any accessories that are adequate. There are basically two options.

    Manual Pool Vacuum:
    Hydro Tools 1-1/4-Inch Diameter With Swivel Cuff Pool Vacuum Hose, 18'
    Hydro Tools 8351 6- to 12-Foot Adjustable Blue Anodized Step-Up Telescopic Pool Pole

    Blue Devil B3518 18" Wall Brush
    Swimline 8039SL Skimmer
    SUKKI Leaf Bag / Rake

    Poolmaster 27514 Classic Full View Triangular Vinyl Liner Vacuum
    With the manual option, you can certainly remove the debris by vacuuming 'to waste', using siphon. You'll want to over-fill your pool first, before starting the siphon. Tie some sort of weight to the hose, to keep the 'out-of-the-pool' end from flopping back into the pool and breaking the siphon.

    You may, or may not, be able to couple the hose to the suction inlet on your pool. If you can work out a way to do so, then you will not lose the water you vacuum with. You will of course get your filter dirty fast.

    Battery Operated Vacuum:
    Water Tech Pool Blaster Max
    Water Tech CATFISHPPV Pool Blaster, Catfish
    Pool Blaster PBW022MF Micro Filter Bag
    If you are interested in the battery vac -- and we've had pretty good reports on this brand -- call Water Tech *FIRST* and make sure that the fine bag will pick up debris like yours. It's possible that it may just go through the bag, so ask first.
    Water Tech (PowerBlaster Max page)
    10 Alvin Ct. Suite 111
    East Brunswick, NJ 08816 USA
    Tel: (800) 298-8800
    e-mail: CustomerService@WaterTechCorp.com

    Intex surface skimmer
    Intex surface skimmer manual

    (please note that this may require adapters to work on non-Intex soft-side pools!)
    __________________________________________________ ______
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