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Thread: New to the pool world.

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    Default New to the pool world.

    Hey guys! Look forward to learning from you all! I just started renting a house with a large pool. I am renting it from my friend as he moved across the country. Anyways, I have never taken care of a pool before. It is 17' wide and 32' long, an oval. It is set up with an ecosmarte system. The pool is pretty green now, I have been working to get some leaves and stuff off the bottom. I also bought new sand for the filter and started filtering the water. I used non chlorine oxidizer to shock the pool. I have been running the pump and filter for a few hours now. I haven't hooked up the ecosmarte system yet. Will I be able to clear up my water without it? Or do I need to start running it as well? I would be greatful for any help!

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    We don't support copper based systems. They are effective against algae, but they are not sanitizers, and swimmers in such pools are not protected.

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