I've had a zodiac G4 suction side cleaner for 3 years. It came with the pool when I bought my house, so I'm not really sure how old it was. I had been putting $50+ in parts into the cleaner every season. Diaphragms, various plastic and rubber parts that had worn out. This spring when I checked it out I found it was going to need around $150 in parts so I started considering a replacement. I also needed some new hose for the cleaner - which seems to run $10 per section, and I'd need around 10.

I stumbled across a cheap Chinese suction side cleaner that came with hosing for under 100 bucks. I don't usually get the knock off stuff, but I figured if the cleaner sucked (err.. didn't suck) then I still had a new hose for about the price of buying a hose locally.

I was pleasantly surprised. The cleaner seems to work every bit as good as my zodiac brand name cleaner used to work. It takes the same diaphragm so I don't even have to throw away the spares sitting in my pool shed. It came with some gadgets to let the hose rotate and some handy hose weights that let me take the rock out of the leaf catcher.

Anyway, if anyone needs a cleaner - this one is worth every bit of what they're charging (about $100). The hose seems to be a bit more rubbery than the harder plastic I had before. I'm guessing that will translate into a shorter lifespan. Even if it lasts 1 season, it's less than 1/3 the cost of the name brand units I was thinking about.


I don't have anything to do with the company or anything. Just thought I'd share my good experience with the product.