Long time lurker, first time poster. Thanks for the forum, I have been using the BBB system for a few years now and it is working out quite well.

I have a 14000-15000 gallon comma shaped in ground pool with painted concrete sides that has to be over 40 years old. The original owner of the house put the pool in for the kids who were on the diving team at school, basically a 10 foot deep circle big enough to support a diving board in the 60's. The walls are 12 or more inches thick, about the same as the coping pieces. Currently running a Hayward DE filter and pump.

My question has to do with the Intex Salt System (Now with Copper Ions!). I have seen where some people have successfully removed the copper bars since the copper doesn't really sanitize and can lead to staining. My local BJ's now has the systems on sale for $99 and they claim to be good for up to 14000 gallons. Would this be a worthwhile purchase if I wanted to go salt this season?