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Thread: New Member... SWCG operation problems

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    Default New Member... SWCG operation problems

    Hello all, long time pool owner first time forum member. I have had a pool pretty much every where I have lived here in Florida, from a Intex above ground to a concrete in ground w/ sand filter and I just had a new in ground 14x28 freeform w/ cartridge filter and swcg built. So far we are loving it... I am still trying to get the swcg adjusted so it keeps the right level of free chlorine in the pool. Right now I run it 8hrs/day on 60% it's still a little low. Should I bump up the time or percentage?

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    Tell us more about your chemistry. Do you have a K-2006 yet? You'll need one. Do you have a CYA measurement? How do you plan to chlorinate?
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    Almost everyone who buys an SWCG (Salt Water Chlorine Generator) has been over-sold and over-promised. (This has been true of every new product type introduced to the pool market.)

    SWCG's can be a convenient and reasonably reliable method of chlorinating -- if everything ELSE with the pool is OK -- but that is all.

    1. They are not cheaper than doing chlorine manually.
    2. They do not produce better water quality.
    3. They do not eliminate the need to learn to manage your pool's water chemistry.
    4. They will not keep up with demand (usually) if there's any algae or any other problem.
    5. They do not (usually) last as long as the sales literature suggests.
    6. They do not eliminate the need to test the pool, or to adjust the pH, alkalinity, calcium or stabilizer.
    7. They will not prevent problems if you are erratic in your pool care.
    8. The salt does result in some corrosion problems with heaters and metal parts exposed to pool water.
    9. In dry climates, the salt accumulates on deck and dry surfaces near the pool, and can cause damage.

    1. They are very nice, if you are away from home a lot.
    2. They make it practical to check the pool 2x or even 1x per week, instead of daily.

    With my own local commercial pool customers, SWCG's make it possible for me to maintain good sanitation in high load, low volume kiddie pools, even with slacker pool staff. This is VERY difficult otherwise.

    But, in order for an SWCG to work well for you, you need to learn how to run your pool correctly, without using the SWCG.

    THEN, you'll be able to use the SWCG successfully, and benefit from the convenience they can provide.

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