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Thread: AGP, Coving Wasn't Shipped

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    Default AGP, Coving Wasn't Shipped

    ...and we don't have time to wait for their re-shipment. We have a birthday party planned next weekend and if the cove arrives Thursday, no time for the chemicals to settle. Local place wants $11 per 4' strip, which is twice what I paid Nationwide Pools for the coving.

    Silly question (or maybe not, but certainly along the lines of the cheap, innovative, redneck anyway)

    If I get double sided tape or some sort of adhesive and put a series of pool noodles in place of the coving, is that nuts?

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    Default Re: AGP, Coving Wasn't Shipped

    -- Can't help with the coving, except to say you'd be better off with the right stuff. If you try noodles, you'll need to ACCURATELY cut them in 1/2, and face the flat side to the liner. But I am NOT recommending this!

    -- Pool chemicals don't need time to "settle". Read the Intex recipe in the Intex chemistry section, and use that. Get dichlor and borax; check your fill water NOW!; get a test kit.

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    Default Re: AGP, Coving Wasn't Shipped

    I'd build a sand cove before messing with the noodles. If I really wanted the foam cove, I'd pay the extortion price and write the difference off to "expedited shipping".

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