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Thread: Found bat in skimmer while kids were swimming!

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    Default Found bat in skimmer while kids were swimming!

    Hello, I have been searching the web looking for answers(more peace of mind) on if my kids were endangered after my husband discovered a dead bat in our 17' x 48" Intex pool skimmer yesterday, after they had been swimming in it. I happened across your "batty story" that happended I believe back in 2006? After not finding any follow up posts, I assumed your son was fine and didn't suffer any illness? It was reassuring to read about the factors of ill bat outcomes in large bodies of water, sun exposure and chlorination. Luckily, the chlorine level in our pool was above normal the entire day and still showing higher last night. I just wanted to see how your situation came out and if we need to take the bat for testing. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Found bat in skimmer while kids were swimming!

    It's my understanding that the rabies virus is extremely fragile, with respect to environmental exposure. So, the risk is probably quite low.

    However the prudent thing would be to call your county health department, and have them refer to your regional rabies control people. They can give you up-to-date medical info, and also will know how prevalent rabies is in your local bat population.

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