My pools stats:
Inground-approx 24,000 gal, installed 2007
Pebble Tec-Pebble Fina finish
Chlorine Factory-Salt chlorine generator
Jandy Stealth 1hp 2speed
Jandy DEV48 filter
Jandy Aqualink RS PDA
3 sheer descents w/ booster
Polaris 280 cleaner

Ok, our problem began a couple of years ago. We lost pressure, only noticeable by the gauge on the DE filter which read -0-. We didn't really notice a difference in equipment operation and were told it was probably just a faulty gauge. Gradually, it became more difficult to keep the pool surface and bottom clean, but the water still seems clear. Over this past winter, it became clear that the cleaner and sheers were not operating at full speed. I was finally able to get my pool builder to come out and take a look and he referred me to the sub who installed the equipment. The sub said that the switch that moves the pump from high to low speed was out so the pump would only run on low speed. Long story short, he said he would take care of us...2 months ago and still nothing, which brings me here.

1. Does the subs assessment sound reasonable?
2. If I replace the pump, does it need to be another Jandy in order to work with my PDA remote? Any pump recommendations?
3. Is a DE filter necessary for my location? I'm just not really a fan of the backwash procedure.

Thanks for any help. This is my first pool and I am lost!