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    I purchased a home with a saltwater inground pool. Last year was a battle, not sure if the generator was working or if it was my neglect of learning water chemistry. My question to start is when should I add the salt? After The pool water clears or right away?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Ciaran. Welcome to the Forum. The very first thing to do is to have your water tested for Salt level BEFORE YOU ADD ANY SALT. Any Pool Store can do this for you. Next is to determine the requirements of your SWCG. Please post your Make and Model number of your unit and we can help you find your specific needs. Your SWCG will not produce chlorine efficiently without the proper salt level. Please provide more information when you say "Last year was a Battle". Your post indicates that your water is not clear, please be more specific, is it green, or just cloudy, how are you addressing this?
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    Welcome to Pool Forum!
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    Hi Ciaran;

    What we are moving toward recommending generally is that pools NOT be started up with SWCGs. There are several reasons for this.

    First, life of an SWCG is a function of cell ON-time; the longer they run each day, the sooner the cell dies. SWCGs are NOT sized to handle the humongous chlorine demand of a newly opened pool, much less a green pool. What SWCGs do well, is meet routine demand, but when things go wrong, it's better to turn them off, and handle things manually.

    Second, the problems pool owners often have with SWCGs result from the units being 'over-sold'. They will NOT eliminate all problems; they will not keep pool owners from having to deal with pool chemistry. They CAN make it easier . . . but ONLY if the pool owner takes care of the pool and the water. A pool owner who can't run a pool without an SWCG is usually not going to have a good experience WITH a SWCG!

    So to get the most out of your SWCG -- if it's working! -- you need to learn to operate your pool successfully without an SWCG!

    Do this:

    1. Read the test kit info page linked in my signature.
    2. Get a K-1000 -or- a local OTO kit. If the HTH 6-way is available at Walmarts in your area, that's an excellent option.
    3. Get a K-2006. (Even if you get the 6 way, you'll still need the calcium test in the K2006)
    4. Decide how ELSE you want to chlorinate your pool, but for now, use bleach each evening at the rate of 1 gallon of PLAIN 6% bleach per 10,000 gallons.
    5. Post your pool info -- gallons, pool type & dimensions, equipment make and model, etc. -- in your signature (link in my sig)
    6. Tell us what your pool's CURRENT condition is.

    . . . and we'll go from there.

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