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Thread: Feces ?

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    Default Feces ?

    So the 10 year decides to push the dog into the pool and then the dog decides to have BM in the water. I jump on the vacuum but it just kinda melted into the water before I get there (started out as a solid "logs", but lots of agitation from people getting out of the water). Got some of brown cloud into vacuum before it all disappeared.

    A. everyone got out of the pool right away.
    B. I ran vacuum all over where it was before it disappeared. Up and down in the water surface to floor and then all over floor and then sides.
    C. Poured in 2 jugs (1.4 gal ea) 6 % bleach (appox. 11 ppm)
    level was at 10ppm, 10 + 11 =21 ppm (shock level)
    D. Back washed filter
    E. Running filter non-stop since it happened
    F. left vacuum and hose in pool to sanitize them

    1. Anything else I should do?
    2. How long should I maintain shock level? 24 hrs? 48 hrs? A week?
    3. How often and when should I backwash again?
    4. I had 3 cups of DE in sand filter should I replace now or wait until done back washing or ____?
    5. When is it safe to go in?
    in-ground fiberglass 15,500 gal (11'x33' 42" shallow 96" deep end)
    sand filter - 3 hp pump
    CH-500 (fill water even harder)
    CYA- 60
    Borates 50 ppm
    salt- unknown (But I did dump in 2 20# bags before I found this site LOL)
    PH- 7.8 (fluctuates a little but I try to keep up here)
    FC- > 5ppm (anytime lower I add)
    Being new pool owner I've been running tests 3 or 4 times a day. I'll back off some as I get better at predicting the results.

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    Default Re: Feces ?

    24 hours with the pump running 24/7 is fine. Vacuum the pool again, about 4 hours before you reopen.

    Happens all the time in commercial pools. Ironically, the real threat is not the poop you see, but the poop you don't see (diarrhea). I could tell you a lot more, but you probably don't want to know.

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