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Thread: Pool Filter Running Time

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    Default Pool Filter Running Time

    I have done some research that says you should run ypour pool filter between 8-12 hrs a day, and most of the time during the daylight hours.
    However I have a pool timer and can set different on/off times. Should the pool filter be run for example 4 times a day for 2 hrs each time? or 2 times a day for 4 hrs each time, or once a day for 8 hours?
    Right Now I am running it @ 5 times a day for @ 2 hrs each time. I am not sure this is the best thing to do.
    Any body have any thoughts on this?

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    Default Re: Pool Filter Running Time

    "Best" is what works for you, and your pool.

    You can find statements on the internet saying anything from "Run it just 4 hours" to "Run it all the time".

    In the Southwest, and in Southern Calif -- with DE filters and no thunderstorms and mostly inground pools -- 4 hours is common. In the Northeast , where above ground pools with undersized filters are common, running 24/7 is also common.

    What sort of pool, pump and filter do you have? How do you chlorinate? Where are you, and what sort of weather to you have?


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