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Thread: I need help!! I'm new to all pool chems, and I am stupid!!

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    Default I need help!! I'm new to all pool chems, and I am stupid!!

    I am totally lost. We recently moved a 27 ft pool from my in-laws house. I know nothing about this, and was talked into using baquacil. We filled the pool from the well, and it seems clean up close, but from a distance (4 feet) it's murky and green. All I have added is 2 gal of Baq shock, a quart of sanitizer, and maybe a 2 pints of algiside. I am realizing now that I should have went with chlorine. Is it too late to do that?? If it's not too late what can I do?? Do I need to get a test and check levels or can my supplier do that? My supplier will not be very helpful because they are the ones that talked me into baquacil in the first place.

    THANK YOU fro any advice!!!!

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    Default Re: I need help!! I'm new to all pool chems, and I am stupid!!

    Sandee --- I think you'll be glad you switched to chlorine. Read through a lot of the other posts in this Baquacil forum (I moved your post into this forum, BTW) and read about other peoples' experiences converting to chlorine. Then, repost with any specific questions you have.

    It is not hard to convert, just takes a little time and a lot chlorine. Be prepared for your pool to turn all kinds of lovely shades of green and yellow and who knows what else. But, then, it will turn into a clear sparkling chlorine pool and you will be so much happier with chlorine.

    What type of filter do you have? Do you have a good test kit? If not, you're gonna need one. We recommend the Taylor K-2006 but you should probably get the 2006C because it has larger quantities of the reagents and you'll need to test frequently while you are converting. The following link will show a place to get it at a good price.


    Go ahead and order one so it will arrive soon. In the meantime, you can pick up a cheap 5-way kit at Walmart for around $15. Or, if you must, you can let the pool store test for you but just don't let them talk you into buying anything and don't let them talk you into staying with baq.

    Don't add anything else at this point other than bleach. Read and then repost with a full set of current water testing results and we'll go from there.

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