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Thread: Remote control for pool heater/equipment

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    Default Remote control for pool heater/equipment

    I have an inground pool with a Raypak 2100 Digital heater with electronic ignition. The heater is somewhat remote from the pool and I would like to add a wireless remote. I don't care so much to have remote for the pool pump or Polaris pump although it would be nice if not too expensive to add. Both are currently on timers. There is no spa.
    I am fairly handy and have some electrical experience, although I will get a licensed electrician to do any work along those lines.
    Question: I have been looking for a wireless remote that I can install myself. Been to Jandy's web site and I am not sure what I need. What other manufacturers would anyone recommend? Web sites for instructions? Web sites for dealers that will sell directly to me? What can i expect to spend?

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    Default Re: Remote control for pool heater/equipment

    Intermatic make a wireless control, kind of like a garage door opener. Don't know much about it but you might give it a look

    Goldline has a good control system you could look at to run the heater and pumps

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