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Thread: Aqua Logic

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    Default Aqua Logic

    I have a wireless base Station in my home. I am currently waiting for my pool to be "repoured". While I was up and running (1 month) I had some problems with the wireless control.
    The system is a saltwater system with a power cell. When working its great. I did have to have a tech come out and service the panel after the cell power quit. It was a bad computer card. He fixed it and it only lasted a week. Then just before I was going to call him back ,the reconstruction started. I would like to know if anyone out there has any experience with Aqua Logic Goldline controls. ?? Thankyou very much for any help you could give.

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    Default Re: Aqua Logic

    I have an Aqualogic control station with the wireless remote and a SWG. So far so good without any problems and I am quite happy with most of the features.

    If your main board keeps failing, it could be due to something else such as the power supply. Have your service tech check it as well.
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    Default Re: Aqua Logic

    I have the aqualogic ps-8 with SWG and am very pleased with it. I have 2 wireless remotes for it, the table top remote and the floating spa remote. it controls my pool,spa, water features, and lighting
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    Thankyou. I will have to work out the glitches I guess.

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