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Thread: cloudy water bromine pool

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    Default cloudy water bromine pool

    Can't seem to get the water to clear. Been to the pool store and they did the water test, had me add alkilinity increaser, calcium increaser and phosphate remover. told me to filter 24/7 and should clear up in a couple of days. well, it didn't! test strip shows ph, alkilinity and hardness all within range but cyanuric acid very low, how do I increase this? new to the whole pool thing and trying to learn. Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: cloudy water bromine pool

    A bromine pool doesn't normally need or use Cyanuric Acid (CYA). I just re-read your other thread where you explained this is indeed a bromine pool. I wouldn't worry about the CYA level. Are you able to hold a bromine level -- that is, it doesn't drop rapidly during the day?

    Have you tried shocking the pool by adding chlorinating liquid or bleach? Even with a bromine pool, that would end up raising the bromine level and would do so quickly before getting degraded by sunlight, though generally it's a good idea to shock at night so you get the full overnight at a high sanitizer/oxidizer level. If what is making the pool cloudy is something like dead algae, then it can go away by higher levels of chlorine or bromine. Look at the Best Guess CYA Chart:

    though with your low CYA shocking to 10-12 ppm Free Chlorine (FC) which is roughly 20-25 ppm Bromine would be something to try. Remember that you need to retest and add more to keep the level high. From the other thread it sounds like you are going to be replacing the liner and then can convert to chlorine. That will make things a bit easier.

    Do you have any idea what caused the cloudiness? Did it just get slowly cloudy or did some specific event happen?

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    Default Re: cloudy water bromine pool

    The bromine level does hold without a drop during the day. the liner change won't happen until the fall so I'm stuck trying to get this thing going as is. I'm off from work tomorrow so that's when I'm doing the chlorine shock. the cover fell in over the winter leaving a bit of a swamp, it was clearing steadily until the pool store had me add phosphate remover, then it stopped clearing. is bleach from walmart sufficient to shock or should I get the more concentrated stuff from the pool store and how much?
    (20,000 gallon IG) Thanks again, Paul

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    Default Re: cloudy water bromine pool

    Let's please try to keep this to one thread. It's one problem, should be one thread, not two. I'm going to shut this one down.

    For everyone: If you have a problem and you start a thread, do not start another thread on the same problem. Please don't make the mistake of thinking we didn't see it. We see all the new threads and new posts.


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