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Thread: Which Replacement Pump Motor???

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    Question Which Replacement Pump Motor???

    I have a American Products Ultra Flow pump model number 38448400 serial number PF-1-07-A00 with a Magnetek Century Centurion part # 8-177475-20 1HP motor, 56Y frame, 3450 rpm, 230/115 volts (wired 230), 8.0/16.0 amps (easy so far). But, I do not know the service factor rating (the label on the motor has dashes!). So, I don't know if I need a 1HP Full Rated or Up Rated motor.

    Also, I'd like to install a two speed pump so that I can run on low speed most of the time (less noise and electricity).

    After contacting a few internet dealers, one suggested an AO Smith SQS1102R (but this is a 48Y frame that is supposed to be interchangeable with the 56Y frame, full rated motor SF=1.65). Another dealer mentioned the AO Smith B982 (56Y frame, full rated motor SF=1.65). Both are supposed to be 3450 rpms.

    Are the frame mismatches something to worry about? Also, everyone is assuming (based on their recommended replacements) that my original motor's service factor was 1.65. Can anyone verify?
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    Default Re: Which Replacement Pump Motor???

    Usually, two dashes in the Service Factor mean that it is close to 1.0 which is indicative of an uprated motor. However, the amps suggest a full rated motor so that part is uncertain. I couldn't find a cross reference but did you ask the dealers if they cross referenced the part # with the motors or did they guess?

    Also, 56y frame has a motor body 1/2" wider in diameter than the 48y but in most cases they are interchangable.
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    Default Two speed motor replacement

    As best I can tell, the old motor is presently known as a B848. The two speed equivalent is the B982. So, I placed it on order today.

    I have a PoolPilot Digital, so I could run the two speed motor via the PoolPilot. But, the current motor is controlled via a timer and DPST switch. I like the simplicity of this approach, so I will likely replace the current switch with a DPDT variety, and leave the wiring as is.

    I plan on running the pool in low speed, and only using the high speed for back washing, etc.

    I'll update this post regarding my installation experience.

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    Default AO Smith Two Speed High Efficiency Motor

    I have replaced the motor on my Ultraflow pump. The replacement motor I selected is the AO Smith B2982 two speed high efficiency motor (1hp, 1.65 SF). This motor consumes ~1.4 amps in low speed.

    I replaced the seal and o-rings, too.

    AO Smith has some information on these high efficiency motors at http://www.aosmithmotors.com/Products/E-Plus/2949.pdf.

    I ended up using a SPDT toggle switch mounted in a weather proof box attached to the motor housing. The toggle switch and boot was purchased from Grangier for ~$5, and the remaining electrical parts from Lowes for ~$10.

    By my estimates, I will save enough in electricity cost to completely pay for this motor in one season.

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