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Thread: Have you heard of the Nitro Robotic?

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    Default Have you heard of the Nitro Robotic?

    Interested in replacing my Polaris 280 with a Robotic. Main reasons are because I hate brushing the pool, so thought a robotic scrubber might help (espeically with the dirt/dead algae that gets caught in the small suface pits (gunite pool). Second reason is for the micro filtration (I use sand).

    Currently I'm leaning toward the Blue Diamond or Blue Pearl. However, recently saw this new "Nitro" made by SmartPool. I think they make the Dolphin, so that kind of scares me, due to the reliability issues reported here. However, they talk about how easy it is to self-service the Nitro, and it's all modularized, so you never have to send the whole unit back to the mfr (but maybe that's to help them due to the poor reliability issues?). It talks about the huge filter bag, wider cleaning path, more jets (including on the corners), and takes 2 hours to clean the pool. One concern I have is that their video never shows it climbing a wall, so I wonder if it's capable of that. If not, I don't want to bother, since I'm looking for a replacement to brushing.

    This is sold at Leslies, and several other places and appears it can be bought in the $500-$600 range, with a cart. They say it has more patents than all other robotics on the market combined. Anyhow, sounds wonderful, but looking for other's views and/or experience with the product, since I don't know much about robotics, in general, and never heard of this one before.

    On a different note....
    How do most of you feel about buying a robotic at Home Depot? I see they have Blue Pearl for $799. However, they often have 10% off coupons, bringing the price down, though I guess I'd probably have to pay sales tax & shipping online with them. I'm guesiong they are not an "authorized" dealer, but thinking they might take it back if I have problems with it, but I'm sure they wouldn't be of much help in getting it fixed if I have a problem. Any thoughts on this?
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