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Thread: Yellow stain in inground pool

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    Default Yellow stain in inground pool

    I did a search for this but didn't find anything that directly related to my question....I have an inground pool and earlier this summer we had some problems with yellow algae that I quickly cleared up. We've had a TON of rain the past month or so and after each "bout" I shock the pool BEFORE problems set in (I noticed if I didn't they inevitably DID).

    When we had the yellow algae it was very silty and easy brushed up...but now I am noticing yellowing in a lot of areas of the pool that cannot be brushed and nothing changes once the pool is shocked. The pool DOES need to be refinished, but that will probably not happen until next summer. So I KNOW the surface is not in the BEST shape...anyway, does anyone know what might have caused this staining and also if there is anything I can do to remove it? The chemicals are perfectly balanced and the water is crystal clear but those stains REALLY bother me!

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    Default Re: Yellow stain in inground pool

    You may have caused any metals in your water to fall out and stain the pool surface when you had your chlorine levels high. YOu can tell if the stain is mineral by getting a few vitamin C tablets, crushing them up, putting them in a sock and rubbing on the stain. If the stain lightens or disappears, then it is a mineral (metal) stain. To find out if the stain is organic, you can use a trichlor tablet crushed up and do the same thing. If the stains lightens or disappears, it is organic. To get rid of a metal stain, you can first try to get a sequestering agent, lower the ph down to 7 and use as directed on the bottle. If this doesn't lift the stain, then you can do an ascorbic acid treatment. I can give you the directions for this. If it is an organic stain, then it will go away with high levels of chlorine. Let me know how you do. Don't worry - the stains can be taken care of
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    Default Re: Yellow stain in inground pool

    Thanks! I will try that and see what happens...

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