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Thread: vacuum suction weak

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    Angry vacuum suction weak

    I tried to vacuum my pool today the exact same way as I did it last year but I am barely getting any suction. Last year I could barely pick the vacuum up off the bottom of the pool and now it's just barely picking up dirt. I have a cartridge filter which is clean and I shut off the main drain but it didn't help. the filter basket in the pump is also clean. what could I be missing?

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    Default Re: vacuum suction weak

    It is probably a plumbing issue but to help more, we need some more details about your set up. Pump size, plumbing size, how the valves are set up, etc. It could be that the valves are not set properly or there may be some blockage in the line or your pump may have lost some suction over the years. Has the cleaner ever worked well?
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    Default Re: vacuum suction weak

    Try blowing out the lines with the garden hose. sounds like a clog.
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    Default Re: vacuum suction weak

    It's an inground 20x40 vinyl pool with StaRite cartridge and StaRite pump MaxEPro 3/4 HP. pool is only 2 years old. nothing has changed with the valves or any other set up. It has worked beautifully up until this. it does sound like a clog somewhere. The psi is running at 7/8 when it usually runs at 10. I will shut pump off and dismantle everything and look for clogs. thanks for your help.

    another subject. I just bought the poolSwim and an aquabot. does the poolswim stay permanently on? Can I use the aquabot with it on or do I have to dismantle it prior to using it?

    thanks for all your help.

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