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Thread: thoughts on estimate for pool resurfacing... please help

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    Default thoughts on estimate for pool resurfacing... please help

    hey there!

    we need to get our pool resurfaced and i thought i would draw on your expertise to see if i am going in the right direction. we are really interested in getting pebbletec for our pool. there is only one certified dealer in town (austin, tx). i got an estimat from them and their price was about $1700 more than the other people i contacted. i expected them to be higher than the other guys, but not quite $2000 more. i'm going to call and negotiate, but i wanted to see if anyone else felt the price he listed for me was correct....

    here are our specs:

    inground pool
    30,000 gallons
    3 steps
    attached spa with overflow
    deep end is aobut 9'

    i'm getting a price of ~$6700. i was expecting +$5000, but this seemed high... plus the verbage in the estimate about unseen elements that could increase the price (like cracks and whatnot)

    i already learned from this site that when i negotiate, i'll put in a clause for a firm finish date or we'll deduct money for each day the pool isn't finished.

    i'm anxious about negotiating, but i'm ready to do it. my husband is all for me trying to get the price down. he's ready to play hardball! hahah

    thanks in advance!!!!

    nicole in austin, tx

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    Default Re: thoughts on estimate for pool resurfacing... please help

    I had my pool resurfaced last year. We had pebblesheen installed, new coping and new tile. About a $11,000 job overall. Pool looks great by the way. Just new pebletec or pebble sheen and tile will run around 5000-7000. We used Centex Plaster in Austin. Good overall, a couple of gripes, but a 7 on a scale of 0-10. I don't now if therer is a 10 out there.

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