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Thread: Homemade chlorine generator

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    Default Homemade chlorine generator

    I've been looking to get a SWCG system for my pool, but I just can't afford it at the moment. I got to thinking about it and it just doesn't seem that difficult to generate chlorine via elecrolysis. Low voltage over a non reactive substance (titanium or maybe even better graphite plates) and enclose it.

    The reaction produces hydrogen, chlorine and caustic soda. The only problem that I can see is a potential build-up of hydrogen gas, but this seems minimal given that the gas is not exposed to oxygen. I could be way off here, so I am wondering if any of you have anything to add.

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    Sure, it would be easy. But I'm an electrical engineer and I wouldn't swim in a pool with such a device I had designed in operation unless it had been thoroughly tested and evaluated to verify that a component failure couldn't result in high voltage or current being applied to the water. Such testing would cost far more than a SWCG sells for on eBay.

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