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Thread: Pool temperature

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    Default Pool temperature

    Ok, wondering what the "ideal" pool temperature is ? I opened my pool 5 days ago, and the water temp is 70 degrees. Of course, that's not keeping the kids from swimming, they;re in it about every day, it's still a little on the chilly side for me. I was thinking about adding a solar cover, but not sure how much those things actually help, and have heard they are a pain to mess with.

    Bob P.
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    Default Re: Pool temperature

    I like the pool to be around 83 - 85 degrees. Some people like it quite a bit warmer, but in my opinion, if it gets too warm, it is no longer refreshing. 70 is way too cold for me! Solar covers really do help. Without one, each night you lose a lot of the heat that you gain during the day. They are a bit of a pain to deal with but definitely make a big difference. I resisted buying one for a few years because I didn't want to mess with it, but after I did buy one, I saw what a big difference they make.

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    Default Re: Pool temperature

    Water temperature is definitely a personal preference, but typically pools used for competitive swimming are kept cooler at around 80F or so. Typical residential pools used for moderate swimming are usually kept around 84-85F or so. Pools used for therapy are usually kept around 88-90F or so. Our own pool is used mostly for "in-place" exercise and a small amount of swimming so is kept mostly at 87-88F. I find that 88F is the temperature where there is no "chill" getting into the water nor any "chill" from staying in the water over a long period of time. Obviously, doing any significant exercise at that temperature will make one feel too hot and it won't be "refreshing".

    I'm amazed when kids can go into 70's water without a problem. I certainly was never that way, but then I was always very skinny.


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    Default Re: Pool temperature

    I like 82-84 but the kids go in when it is 70. I just installed a heat pump end of last season so no more 70 degree days for us. When I was young I use to swim in a river that was always around 60-65, but not now.

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    Default Re: Pool temperature

    My wife, mother and mother-in-law really like it in the mid 80's. I like it between 75-82 and when it gets close to 88-89 I feel like I'm sweating in the pool, but I swim and move around a lot and rarely lay on a float.

    I got in a couple of weeks ago when it was 65 and after I dived in several times (canon ball ;-) I had enough. We swam for a couple of hours today, my father-in-law and myself, with the water temp right around 75-76 and found it just right with plenty of activity going on and the sun out.

    In general, most all of us are happy when it's between 82-85. My wife wants a Solar Cover and we have heard that they do make a difference but I'd rather get used to the colder water than messing with the cover.

    The best way to find out is jump in and see how you like it ;-)


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    Default Re: Pool temperature

    Our water is right around 70 degrees and we have been swimming quite a bit. A little too cold to stay in for long periods, but definately refreshing when the sun is out and the temperatures are climbing.


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