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Thread: basic chemicals???

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    Default basic chemicals???

    Right now I have a service that takes care of the water, chemicals only ,I do the cleaning. I want to start to do it myself and need help on what chmicals I should buy right of the bat.Its an inground pool about 18,000 gallons, and not a salt pool. Also has a hot built in if that matters. Thanks for any input for a new guy, I did a search and found nothing ?

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    Default Re: basic chemicals???

    Check out the sticky topics at the top of this thread, especially "BBB method, what is that". Most here don't use the typical chemicals. We use Bleach borax and baking soda. Read all of the stickied topics, and as much as you can of the rest of this forum.
    You will need a good test kit, such as the Taylor K-2006, available online and relabled at leslies. Many here can help you better than I... I just tried to give you a starting point.
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