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Thread: Can I close a dirty pool?

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    Question Can I close a dirty pool?

    When the pool store closed my IG vinyl pool last year, it was not terribly clean (algae) and they did not clean it before covering it. I have been very bad and not kept it up the last several weeks; it is pretty green now. Do I need to get it clear again before closing? I've also never put anything in it over the winter, even when the temps are mild (Oklahoma). I'm reading here all the things other folks are doing to/putting in their pools in the fall & winter and feeling like maybe I'm missing something??

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    Default Re: Can I close a dirty pool?

    If it were my pool, I'd clean it up before closing it. That will just make things easier in the fall. I don't put anything in my pool at closing except a double dose of 60% polyquat and I shock it with bleach. That is it. I don't know what your winter temps are like in OK. Maybe somebody who is near there and better knows what your winter conditions are like can comment on what they do.

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    Default Re: Can I close a dirty pool?

    I am in North Texas and have a AG pool, mine turned green and few days ago and I put bleach in it but it wasn't enough. I drained it down low and it was barely above the skimmer so I turned my pump off. Now all the algae has dropped to the bottom and it is clear, so I thought I would just leave it like that until spring, we are thinking of getting a new liner next spring anyway,so we will have to drain it out then anyway.
    Or should I try to vaccum the algae off the bottom now? I just didnt want to stir it all up!
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    Default Re: Can I close a dirty pool?

    I also live in North Texas. I close my pool and cover it every winter. However, I’ve had a bacquacil pool in the past; this will be my first “chlorine” winter. Best I could tell from what others have said, I’ve going to get my pool as clean as possible, shock it with bleach for several days prior to closing; and upon closing, shock it and put a double dose of polyquat in.

    In the past I put in a “bacquacil based” winterizing kit. It cost about $50, so I’m sure I was “pool stored” on that one. I’m not sure how clean I really had the pool because it was always very cloudy and I couldn’t see the bottom very well.

    When I winterize, I’ll probably cover the pool and still run the pump and filter for a few days to monitor the chlorine level in the absence of sunlight hitting the water, before dismantling the pump and filter.

    The thermometer in my backyard indicated an air temperature of over 90 degrees today, so I won’t be closing my pool for several more weeks – typically I do it late October or early November. I put up with the hassle of a lot of leaves falling in the pool, because I don’t want a lot of algae growing in the water because of warm outside temperatures.

    I would also say to get the pool as clean as possible; it will make for less work in the spring. If you know you’re going to replace the liner anyway, then maybe it’s not worth the trouble since you’re already drained it – if you’re unsure, then I’d recommend to clean it – my opinion anyway.

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