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Thread: water level in pool

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    Default water level in pool

    I went to the pool store today looking for pool covers. What is the best to get? also, the pool store people suggested that i get a skimmer "cover". They said by lowering the water level you risk damaging the liner. Its like a tuperware cover that snaps on to the skimmer and then you raise your water level back up. Watermom said in her thread that she drops the water level below the skimmer and jet. If i dont lower the water level, would i just get a plug for the jet and take the filter inside? im new at this and this is my first year closing.


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    The cover is called an Aquador. You would have to replace your existing skimmer plate with the Aquador fuse plate and then snap on the plastic lid. I bought it when I bought my pool. It does make it more convenient b/c you don't have to lower you water level. And yes you would buy a plug for you outlet. I don't think there is any real affect on the liner. Might be a bit easier on the cover b/c not as much hangs in the pool. Your should take your filter inside regardless of which way you cover the pool.
    Do a search under Aquador/pool for more info.

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    I tried the Aquadoor last year. I had a couple of problems with it. I couldn't get it to seal as long as the water was up around the skimmer opening. Admittedly, I was trying to do it hanging upside down from my AG pool deck but still...

    I finally had to drop the water below the vacuum port and use a rubber mallet to get the AquaDoor on the AquaDoor frame. Once done it just seemed to me to be redundant. If the water's lower than the skimmer port, why bother with the door? But I left it.

    This spring I had an awful time prying it off of the frame. I was afraid maybe I'd rip the frame out of the pool wall. Didn't but a nervous few minutes.


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    Our AquaDoor leaks. So it's pretty much untrustworthy. Since we use Gizmo's and lots of anti-freeze, it's not a problem. Except I'd never trust it by itself.

    Translation : it's useless to us.
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