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Thread: Ecosmarte or Salt system

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    Default Ecosmarte or Salt system

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with the non-chlorine ecosmarte system? We're considering one on a new pool, but are also considering a salt system. Don't want to make an expensive mistake.

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    Default Re: Ecosmarte or Salt system

    I don't have any experience with an Ecosmart but I can tell you an SWG makes pool maintenance very simple. I add a couple of quarts of acid every two weeks to keep the PH in check and that's it. Pool water is crystal clear.

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    Default Re: Ecosmarte or Salt system

    ecosmart is a copper ionizer that uses oxygen (not ozone) as an oxidizer. there is no residual sanitation in the water. Copper is bacteriostatic but will not kill viruses. The 2 biggest problems I see with the system are the introduction of copper into your pool which can stain the pool and the people in it, and the fact that there is NO EPA approved sanitizer being used. I wold not want MY family in that water!

    IMHO, you best bet is to go with a SWG!
    Retired pool store and commercial pool maintenance guy.

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