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Thread: How do I hook up the vacuum?

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    court475 Guest

    Default How do I hook up the vacuum?

    I feel like that's such a stupid question! I am not sure how to hook up this standard vacuum that came with my pool.

    Also, while I'm at it, our pool package came with 2 return jets. The installers only installed one, and after weeks of trying to get them, the finally came last night. They installed the second jet a foot or more directly below the first. I guess I just assumed it would be at the same level, maybe on the other side of the skimmer. Does it matter where your return jets are located?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Smile Re: How do I hook up the vacuum?

    Courtney, I've said it before but will gladly reiterate that the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked - no one is born knowing how to vacuum a pool! To vacuum, put the vac head on the pole and attach the vac hose to it (on some vac hoses one connector will turn when twisted - attach this end to the vac head). Then fill the hose with water (so you don't loose prime in the filter) - this can be done 2 ways; 1) Hold the other end of the hose against the return inlet - the vac head will lift off the bottom and bubble, when it stops bubbling, the hose is full. 2) feed the hose straight down into the pool (making sure it goes down 1' or so before curling), when you get to the other end, water should come out of it before you put the end into the water. (keep an eye, or better yet, a hand on the skimmer pole, it will try to slide into the pool and it's a real pain to get it back out) OK, now you've got the vac set up and filled with water, some dealers give you a 'skim-vac' (a disk that fits over the skimmer basket with an adaptor for the vac hose), if you have one of these - attach the hose to it and place it over the skimmer basket; if you don't have one, remove the skimmer basket and jam the hose into the suction port in the skimmer. In either event, you are now ready and able to vacuum the pool.
    With your AG pool, unless they had run a line to the other end of the pool, putting it beneath the top return is fine. If I was setting the directional 'eyeballs' I'd turn the top one to piont as far away from the skimmer as possible (without turning it so far that it interfered with the flow) and slightly up (the water should ripple a 5 - 8 feet from the return), and the lower one slightly down and at not quite the angle (away from the skimmer) as the top one.
    I can picture this in my mind but if I haven't conveyed the picture well, feel free to ask for more details - Waste
    Luv & Luk, Ted

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill libraries

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    Default Re: How do I hook up the vacuum?

    The only other stupid question is asking one after it's just been answered for you. (not you, but the proverbial "you").
    Other than that, Waste is absolutely correct. People feel bad about lacking knowledge, when it's SO easy to remedy--just ask the question.

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    court475 Guest

    Default Re: How do I hook up the vacuum?

    Got it! Thanks so much!!!

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