The used pool we purchased earlier in the summer is filling up with water as we speak. I have a lady-bug pool bottom vacuum thing and a pole. I assume I'll need to purchase a brush and some sort of net to attach to the pole to aid in cleaning. So, my understanding of pool cleaning is:

1. The lady bug will vacuum my pool bottom. How often do I let it work? Can we be in the pool when she's working? Even if the lady bug does her job, will I also need a vacuum head for my pole? or should I expect the lady bug to work sufficiently well?

2. The sides and bottom should be scrubbed with a brush from time to time. Maybe not assuming I keep the chemicals in check? (going to use the BBB)

3. Use the net to fish out leaves, limbs, frogs, etc.

Am I missing anything? I have a 28' round AG pool.