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Thread: Basic Pool Cleaning -- What do I do?

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    Question Basic Pool Cleaning -- What do I do?

    The used pool we purchased earlier in the summer is filling up with water as we speak. I have a lady-bug pool bottom vacuum thing and a pole. I assume I'll need to purchase a brush and some sort of net to attach to the pole to aid in cleaning. So, my understanding of pool cleaning is:

    1. The lady bug will vacuum my pool bottom. How often do I let it work? Can we be in the pool when she's working? Even if the lady bug does her job, will I also need a vacuum head for my pole? or should I expect the lady bug to work sufficiently well?

    2. The sides and bottom should be scrubbed with a brush from time to time. Maybe not assuming I keep the chemicals in check? (going to use the BBB)

    3. Use the net to fish out leaves, limbs, frogs, etc.

    Am I missing anything? I have a 28' round AG pool.

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    Default Re: Basic Pool Cleaning -- What do I do?

    If the ladybug is working, then it vacuums the pool. If it's too big for the bug and the hose, you need to fish it out first--with a skimmer or a "leaf rake"--a kind of skimmer with a very deep bag and a squeegee on the lip.

    Do you need a vacuum head? Nobody knows that but you. If you feel like being a bit indulgent, a PoolBuster is a great alternative--no hose, no cord, just stick it on the handle, put it under water, turn it on and vacuum.

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    Default Re: Basic Pool Cleaning -- What do I do?

    Here's one member's method. Pretty interesting, maybe a fetish. I don't see what you think.
    Just kidding, but that's one way to do it.
    I have a 24' AG. I don't use a automatic cleaner. I use a vacuum, and do it by hand. I use goggles and a snorkel to look under the water while a vacuum. I scrub the walls occasionally. I skim any junk that gets in just as soon as I see it. I vacuum when I start to see stuff on the pool floor. And scrub maybe every two weeks at most.
    I wouldn't use the automatic cleaner in the pool when you or anyone else is in there, it's an accident waiting to happen.
    Other than scrubbing the walls, I like to think my pool tells me when it needs to be cleaned. Try the auto vac. If yours works, good, go for it. Mine sucks, no I take that back, it doesn't that's why I don't use it. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Basic Pool Cleaning -- What do I do?

    I have an IG pool, so others can help you better. Same principles apply.

    There are 2 aspects of cleaning a pool, 1) Keeping visible crap out, and 2) Keeping your water balanced. The 2 aren't very related.

    As for the 1st goal, you can just look at your pool and assess that. All pool cleaners are just designed to keep and remove visible crap out of pool. If you have any type of automatic unit that does that, fine. Even with many, you still might see stuff that lingers and you can either vacuum it out, skim it out whatever. It's not rocket science. Brushing is used to get the crap sticking to the walls off of it, and vaccuuming is to get it out of pool. Skimming is to get it out before it falls to bottom. If you have cleaner doing what you need fine, if not, do it manualy or get another cleaner. It's personal preference and it all requires some work regardless. In any event, this aspect of cleaning a pool is all visual and invloves removing tangible items. You can see for yourself how it is going.

    The second goal is balanced water. There are many websites discussing what that invloves. Bascially, it is all a matter of keeping a nice amount free chlorine in our pool, along with the understanding that an unbalanced ph affects the effectivenees of the chlorine. As a practical matter, failing in this area shows up by having algae in your pool, and typically dark green water from the algae. Also, keeping water circulating helps in getting O2 in the water, mixing things up, and keepign water clean.

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