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Thread: Rust Stains

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    Default Rust Stains

    I've had my fibreglass pool since last september, we had it covered during construction as it is indoor, when we uncovered it water was quite green, also found a couple of spike nails in the bottom of pool so shocked it heavily and since then i have had rust spots everywhere in the pool and the side are all splotchy greyish color, i have added stain and scale remover but this did not work and have scrubbed with magic eraser, this did not work either. I haven't tried the absorbic acid yet, don't know if any pool dealers have that around here. Also have aqualogic chlorine generator. the water is clear but the stains still bother me, it makes the pool look dirty.
    My stats are:
    tc 5
    ph 8.2
    Does anybody have any suggestions, i order a product called Copout dont know if this will work also order a bunch of jack magic products
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    16x40 fibreglass pool, indoor new construction

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    Default Re: Rust Stains


    I was anxious to see any replies to your post because I have the exact same problem with rust stains from nails in my gunite pool (see post on 8/3 @10:14pm from DonaldVS). Obviously with no replies to your post, I suppose no one out there has any quick fixes to this frustrating problem. I was told that it is almost impossible to get the rust stains off except maybe to use pumice or just cover the stain some how. I tried some vitamin C tabs, but did not see any noticable difference from any chemical reaction. However the rubbing action may have done a little to wear down the surface of the rust. However, the amount of time it took under water to rub the stain may require me to get some scuba gear or a very long snorkel and a weight belt.

    Sorry I can't be of more help right now, but I will save this thread and if I find or hear of anything that works I will let you know.

    Good luck--


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    Default Re: Rust Stains

    I had some small rust stains in the bottom of my pool for awhile from a dumbbell resting on the bottom (don't ask!). After shocking to very high levels and giving it time (about a month) eventually they went away.


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    Default Re: Rust Stains

    Hi Debbie,

    First, dont worry, I feel confident that you will be able to get rid of the stains. Here is what I would do:
    First your ph is way too high for a fiberglass pool. You should run a fiberglass pool's ph on the low side - not higher than 7.4. I like to run mine from 7.2 - 7.4. Next, your alkalinity is too high - it should be no higher than 120. I like to keep mine around 90 - not higher.

    You will need muriatic acid to bring your ph down to 7.0 to 7.2. Then turn your return jets facing up so that the water bubbles on the surface. This will lower your alkalinity while raising your ph. When your ph goes above 7.4 add muriatic acid again to take it back to 7.0 and repeat the process untill you reach the alkalinity you want - I would shoot for 80. You can find this process in the Alkalinity forum. Then let turn your jets back down when your ph hits 7.2. Add a sequestering agent - Anything that says it will bind with metals - like Metal Free, Sequasol, or there is a product by Proteam called Metal Magic, but I haven't tried it yet. Put enough in according to the directions on the bottle. More is better than not enough. Keep the pump on 24/7, and let it go for about 2 days. See if the stains lighten. If the stains don't lighten up after this, then you can do an ascorbic acid treatment. You can get it in bulk from these two websites. Most stain treatments are just ascorbic acid:



    Let me know how the first process goes, and if you need the ascorbic acid I will tell you how to use it. You can also get a really fine sand paper and use iit on the rust stains. I have used this in my fiberglass pool and it take the stains of easily - it is only good on rust stains from nails or hairpins, not when you have a really big area.

    One of the reasons you get stains in a fiberglass pool is by running an alkaline pool. Fiberglass tends to stain and plate when the water alkaline water combines with high chlorine levels. With an indoor pool you don't need any cya, therefore a chlorine of 5 is high, which with the high ph level will let any metals that are in the water fall out and stain the pool.

    Hope this helps, feel free to ask any other questions you may have.
    Northeast PA
    16'x32' kidney 16K gal IG fiberglass pool; Bleach; Hayward 200lb sand filter; Hayward pump; 24hrs; Pf200; well; summer: none; winter: mesh; ; PF:7.5

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