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Thread: Electric for robotic cleaner

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    Default Electric for robotic cleaner

    When the electrician comes to do my electric should I ask him/her to put in a seperate outlet somewhere as close to the pool as possible for the cleaner or are the cords long enough. The closest waters edge will be about 15 feet from an outlet. Pool is 36' length. I'm considering Dolphin and Aquabot.

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    Default Well it depends

    on what the electrical code is in your area. I would suppose that you would want one by the pump to run it. We ran our robotic cleaner off the same outlet where we run the pump.

    It had pleanty of cord from the robotic cleaner to the transformer that runs the cleaner.

    Hope that helps

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    Default I would.

    My outlet is about 6' from the edge and it works out great. I have a 20' x 40' and it allows it plenty of cord to do its thing. On mine, the cord gets twisted around itself by the end of the cycle time so the more allowance you have the better.

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    In our state, outlet must be min. of 8 feet from the pool.
    I have a 20x38, and the 65 ft cord on the Dolphin Dynamic is more than adequate, even with the cart(which the power supply is attached to) is 12 ft from the water line.

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    Default Re: Electric for robotic cleaner

    I am considering doing the same but I will run an appliance coupler outlet instead (the same connector that's on my Aquabot). This way I'll be running low voltage DC. I'll size the cable so the DC drop is negligible (3 discrete runs of 20A roemax maybe).

    The folks at Dolphin and Aquabot are asleep at the wheel. The Polaris guys have worked into a lucrative niche for themselves by aligning with installers/dealers so booster pumps and plumbing are built into new pool installs. The pool guys install electrical for lighting so all they would need to do is to design a waterproof floor outlet with a remote on/off switch (for the power supply/control unit) and a power supply/control unit that's weather tight. I think anyone would rather deal with this setup vs booster pumps and more plumbing.
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