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Thread: multiport valve repair

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    Default multiport valve repair

    i have a Praher multiport valve TM-12-L which has develped cracks in the plastic housing possibly caused when pvc pipe was refitted into ports. the cracks are above the ports on top of the valve openings. is there some way i can fix this ? glue? what kind? or do i have to bite the bullet and buy another valve?
    tks in advance

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    Default Re: multiport valve repair

    I have read some posts about using JB Weld. My DH uses this all the time to fix his motorcycle plastic. We also had a crack in our skimmer due to ice over the winter and so far it's held up perfectly.
    Nicole: 18' round AG with AstralPool Sand Filter and 1.5hp AstralPool Pump

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    tks Nicole...ill try jb weld

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