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Thread: new to pool chemistry

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    Default new to pool chemistry

    Hi all- We have a new 20,000 gal ab pool. We love it. Now my problem is the ph is at 7.8 and the alk is 220. The pool store sent along certain chemicals with the pool purchase and I tried using them to lower the numbers but nothing has budged. I read the sticky on lowering the alk-using some kind of jet to disturb the water, but I'm just not quite understanding that process. Any help would really be appreciated. What I used was 2 3# containers of sodium bisulfate. Denise
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    Default Re: new to pool chemistry

    You need more acid. Muriatic acid, a liqiud, may be cheaper than dry acid (sodium bisulfate).


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    The jets you read about are spa jets. They send out little bubbles like a hot tub. You obviously don’t have these but that’s OK. You can simply point your return(s) up towards the surface as high as they will go. Also, a bunch of splashing around will help even more. Waterfalls are also a great help if you have one. The idea is to lower your PH and aerate. Any of the above mentioned things will work but you must be patent as it will take at least three attempts to lower your ALK 100+ ppm. This is where P.O.P (Pool Owner Patience) comes into play. I assure you, the sticky you read works. Also, Hulla is right. Muratic, though a little harder to work with, is much more effective and is what I recomend. Get it at Home Depot or Lowes.


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