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Thread: BBB Method

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    Default BBB Method

    To start off I have a Intex 8000 gal above ground pool, ya know with the blow up ring...it beats swimming in the bathtub! Anyhow just got a Rainsoft system installed and the tech told me to get on here and ask about the BBB method...so what is it...how's it work..yada..yada
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    18 x 24 Intex above ground pool

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    Default Re: BBB Method


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    Please read the Poolsolutions information at poolsolutions.com to get an idea, then ask away with any outstanding questions in teh appropriate forum topic.

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    Default Re: BBB Method

    this is your installer, forum rules we are not to identify what and where we work on here...
    as the reply above states, read thru the solutions site, and if you are really serious about your pool and keeping it up, take a look at the test kits Ben offers, just received mine last week, and love it.

    let me know if I can be of any assistance with your pool/ and or using your new system to fill it.

    in the residential and commercial water treatment industry, if you don't have some type of system, get one !!!
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