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Thread: vacuum how?

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    Smile vacuum how?

    I do beleive I have found out how to post. How to vacuum has bug me for at least a month. I have a lady bug vacuum. I put the hose into the skimmer.
    So far so good, but now what do I do. I close the valve between the skimmer and that part just before the motor, that collects all leaves, etc.(I know it has a name) If you have not noticed that I am very new to this.( I'm 81 and most of my life has been spent in a very small pool (known as the Atlantic Ocean)enough of that, back to my situation. Some one said you now have to let out the air, so open the lid and when the water comes in close it before you get shower. Now the vacuum works. Is there any other way to let out the air? Thanks all you good people out there for reading this and hope someone can help me.


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    1. Put vac in water with hose attached and skimmer vac plate on other end.
    2. Take end of hose and hold it up to the return fitting for a few seconds. You are filling the hose with water to push the air out of the hose so the pump does not have to suck so much air before it gets the water.

    3. Now try to keep the end of hose below the water as much as you can and just attach to skimmer.

    4. Should now work. May take a minute for the pump to start working since you get a little air back in hose when you try to connect to the skimmer.

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